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What the Heck is a Milkshake IPA?

June 10, 2020

Milkshake IPAs- wait, that’s a thing?? These new IPAs are hitting beer drinkers by storm and fans can’t wait to drink them up! They may not be your traditional IPAs, but they’re a trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon! So, what exactly are these beers that are becoming so popular?

Milkshake IPAs have inspired brewers to experiment with milk sugar, spices, and fruits in a variety of ways. Milkshake IPA’s predecessors are the smoothie and hazy IPA beers.

Milkshakes & Beer: If you want to combine your love of both, look no further than the Milkshake IPA.

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What Exactly is a Milkshake IPA?

Think of the Milkshake IPA as a variation of the New England Hazy IPA.

Milkshake IPAs are brewed in either lactose, pectin, or oats. Brewing the beer this way gives it a creamy &full body flavor.

Milk sugar, fruit, spices, and vanilla make up the flavors you will find as you sip a Milkshake IPA. Typically, there is no bitterness to the hops in a Milkshake IPA. Fruity, flavorful, dessert heavy, sweet, rich, and unexpected taste are all terms that have been used to describe a delicious Milkshake IPA beer. Milkshake IPAS has a full-bodied texture and very opaque – similar to a milkshake.

Why Are Milkshake IPAS so Popular?

Brewers are getting creative with the Milkshake IPA and the creamy flavors that come with it. Many beer drinkers like this beer because of its smoothness and fruity flavors. Some fans have even said it brings back flavors of childhood! Other beer drinkers say it tastes like a dessert- the name gives that away- and is a refreshing drink on a hot day.

What Can You Pair a Milkshake IPA With?

If you are a fan of cheese and creamy IPAs, Milkshake IPAs are the perfect go-along with your charcuterie! Milkshake IPAs can pair well with Havarti, Gouda, and other flavorful artisanal cheeses.

Milkshake IPAs can also be paired with the meals you pair any other hoppy, IPA beer. Fried chicken, bacon, sweet potatoes, and garlic are some things that would go nicely while you’re sipping a Milkshake IPA.

Try a Milkshake IPA Today!

Swedish brewery Omnipollo and Tired Hands have been attributed as some of the first to craft Milkshake IPAs. There are so many more, now, that are well-known and loved by many.

Try one listed below for a fruity, creamy, delicious treat!

untitled art milkshake IPA

Are you into these creamy fruity beers?

What are your favorites?

 Do you have a Milkshake IPA for us to add to the list? Email us at BeerMeetsMeat@gmail.com

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